VCMI 0.96 released!

We are happy to announce next release, VCMI 0.96. This version brings many new features and improvements.

Old spells can be configured, new spells can be added in mods. Refer to Spell Format for details.
Launcher now supports submods and more detailed info. Refer to Modding changelog for all the details.
Random map generator was significantly advanced. It is not complete yet, though you may want to watch generated maps with vcmieagles cheat. Unfortunatelly, you can’t play them.
Last but not least, adventure map objects have undergone major rework. This allows to add and replace new graphics for adventure objects and opens up future modding possibilities.

All the features mentioned are advancing and will be improved in upcoming version. Our team has grew significantly, past month was the most active month in our repository ever. Thanks to all developers and testers who contributed to this build, especially the new ones :).

[size=125]Download links for VCMI 0.96[/size]:
Windows package
If you’re having problems with application, please extract this archive to replace .dll libraries:
Installation on Linux
(packages for other systems will be added soon)

Extract the package into your main Heroes folder. If you have older version of VCMI, delete it first.
VCMI works with SoD, WoG 3.58f and ERA installations. We recommend using English version, though VCMI should also work with other language versions. If you want to make your H3 installation English, extract this package into Data/ subfolder.

0.95 -> 0.96

  • (linux) now VCMI follows XDG specifications. See [


  • Optimized speed and removed various bottlenecks.


  • Heroes auto-level primary and secondary skill levels according to experience


  • Wall hit/miss sound will be played when using catapult during siege



  • Towns from mods can be used
  • Reading connections, terrains, towns and mines from template
  • Zone placement
  • Zone borders and connections, fractalized paths inside zones
  • Guard generation
  • Treasue piles generation (so far only few removable objects)


  • Support for submods - mod may have their own “submods” located in /Mods directory
  • Mods may provide their own changelogs and screenshots that will be visible in Launcher
  • Mods can now add new (offensive, buffs, debuffs) spells and change existing
  • Mods can use custom mage guild background pictures and videos for taverns, setting of resources daily income for buildings


  • Added configuring of heroes quantity per player allowed in game

Visit VCMI wiki for more modetails about our project.
Report any bugs on our bugtracker.
Please support VCMI on this forum and on Github


Game won’t start…

Ahh, NOW you tell me it’s missing.


Anyone missing new VCMI release for Fedora? I switched from Fedora to Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu), so I can’t provide RPM builds. Perhaps there is someone else who wants to create RPM builds…

Yeah, sorry. When I read your mind, I thought you’d read mine right back!

thank you for your hard work!

Thanks a lot!!! This is getting more playable at an exponential rate :slight_smile:

Can´t wait for the next release

Where the source or packages? In wiki all old(0.95).

Source in github

And big thanks for your work!

Hi. Sorry for delay. Current status of 0.96 on Linux:
Source: uploaded to, link on wiki.
Ubuntu: done
Debian: will try to run builds in a few days. It seems that I broke something on my system so I can’t generate builds for Debian ATM.
Fedora: see beegee post above.

Other distributions: they are not maintained by members of our team so updating is not up to us.

Is there a bug for the following:

2 Visions 0
3 View Earth 0
4 Disguise 0
5 View Air 0

I’m curious why they haven’t been implemented, and how I might help (for instance, is it time, or a technical reason?).

Thank you for all the hard work.


Visions and Disguise - mostly time. I think it is completely possible to implement them right now. The only possible problem is AI - not sure how AI should react to disguise.

View Air/Earth - technical issue. We still don’t have that “map overview screen” because there is no easy way to scale adventure map. I guess can be implemented after transition to SDL2.

If you know c++ - then you can try to implement visions/disguise and submit pull request on github. Othervice - we always need testing. Just run game, look for bugs, submit them on

will be great see the picture of saint graal from obelisk and thank for the great work u do

Fedora 20 Copr repository

After downloading VCMI and updated wog, everything is in russian, cant understand a thing. How to change back to english?

Disable WoG russian translation from launcher.

But its not installed, so i dont get it. i’ll print screen it

Edit; Heres the picture:

in the vcmi launcher next to wog is an arrow, open that and there is a russian translation option under that. make sure that is unchecked.

Still no mac os package for 0.96?

You have to edit the rus mod.json file. If you’'re using Windows, it will be under \users<username>\vcmi\Mods\

Change the field to read:
“keepDisabled” : true,

That should sort it.

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