VCMI 0.93c - development version (r3548)

Just don’t call it ‘cheating’, think about ‘handicap’ instead.

Maybe it’s just with standard towns?
OK, will post this to bugtracker.

PS About “Sitting in the city” are not my words. AI heroes are exploring map. But do this mostly with only starting troops (don’t buy them).

Please look at this video. You see a lot of interesting things.
(watch 720 : ) )

Handicap certainly should be. Because the computer does not have any resistance.

Seems like we can solve this issue by ourselves.
In config/ folder there is a file

So we can change starting AI resources to some millions.

PS Ooo, another deal. On second week AI already bought 7th level units (Thieves Guild said). And his hero has parameters like mine.

It is simple to add resources - it a little. It is necessary to give access to armies, artifacts, a manna, the card. Well and to improve certainly algorithms of the miscalculation for effective use of all this information.

  • the emulator of fights of the computer with the person. To consider possible options of application of spells which are in the book (the bot has to know about it). Naturally the miscalculation of fight has to go more than 1 round.

Here then it will be interesting :slight_smile:

“mithril”: 0 What it for parameter?

As for AI there are actually two issues:

  • AI doesn’t cheat. While I may tweak engine to give AI an advantage on higher difficulty levels, it is not a solution to the issue. AI that is obniouxiously cheating is as frustrating for me as the stupid, weak AI. (well, because it is still the same stupid AI)
  • AI algorithms need further development and tweaking. Now AI has its goal-based deduction system and is so obsossed about realizing the macro goals that it oftens outrightly ignore what is going on around hero. (Eg. it wants to reveal the fog of war, so it moves the hero ignoring nearby resources, undefended towns, and so on)
    AI should take into account the hero surroundings, yet it can’t be too sensitive about it or the heroes will just follow the nearby object, without achieving any strategical goals. It is difficult to find a proper balance

VCNI, after WoG, from the beginning uses internally 8 resource types, the eight being the “Mithril”. Currently it serves no function.

I’m going to refactor adventure AI as it becomes unmanageable and messy. Later plan to implement fuzzy logic on large scale to allow smarter choice of multiple options.

In classic Heroes this is solved by whole map opened to AI. Maybe for now make it like in HMM3?

That you write that close to an ideal. (So it is difficult in development, and long) :). I will wait with big impatience of these changes. And I certainly will be very glad to clever artificial intelligence.

But nevertheless I have a big request: to allow players a choice to change independently these parameters, (if it is possible) that the player could play with a handicap. (Full investigation of the map, full information on armies, artifacts, manna, movement of heroes and so on).
Ideally looks if you could make in a launcher an additional option in a look fashion. It is real? Let it isn’t obligatory to adjust these all parameters to the user, and already to receive the adjusted intelligence on full capacity in the form of installation fashion. Would be very much cool!

And if it to teach to carry out perfectly fights, (even if knowing information from the book) it would be really super.

Personally it would be very interesting to me to play in such heroes. Full hardcore and permissiveness. It would return me interest to heroes.
I am sure that such product will find the admirers and over time too will occupy a worthy niche.