VCMI 0.8b - development version

It took much longer than I expected but new development build is finally ready. Sorry for the delay, I wish I had more time…
There are no spectacular big changes visible to user (rather usual “more everything”), however quite much has been changed under the hood.

I hope these several days will be enough to catch biggest and most annoying bugs before upcoming 0.81 release.


Several highlights:

  • New bonus system partially done - for handling effects from artifacts/spells and calculating value of morale/luck/attack/defense etc.
  • Several first adventure map spells supported
  • Creature “zone of control” finally working

This is first release built with new MS Visual Studio 2010.

PS. Only 10 adventure map objects remain unsupported. We’re close! :slight_smile:

Yeaha, finally!

Soon you will get some help with these :slight_smile:

Hey hey! This is good news. You guys are doing great!

I have 2 final exams left this week. Now I have to make sure I don’t get distracted with VCMI, lol. C Programming tomorrow and Transistor theory on Friday.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Great news, guys, looks to me like there’s not much more left to get a H3 functionality! Could you please let me know if 0.8b is playable and to what degree. If not, how much more do you guys estimate will take to make the game fully playable. I don’t want to sound eager, but it’s hard to stay calm. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I think 0.8b is quite playable, but it still lacks a lot of Heroes III features. But it’s a development version and has some serious bug in it (e.g. it crashes when any spell is casted during a battle - it’s already fixed in trunk and won’t occur in 0.81, scheduled for June 1st).

It’s hard to estimate. From my experience the development always takes more time than it’s expected. I think making this game really playable will take at least one year, if you don’t expect 100% of features of Heroes III.

Curiosity: I think that for over three years :stuck_out_tongue:

0.8x builds are playable in terms that it’s possible to play full game, ending with victory or loss. With hot-seat mode you can control all players. However for “real playability” we still need to add AI and network multi-player.

That’s still great news! I’m not a H3 freak, I just want to be able to play H3 casually, the only thing that really matters is that it’s stable enough, that it doesn’t crash, or anything similar. How are things with AI? Is it good enough atm?

nope dude
currently we have almost only AI for battles and this AI is weak
but if any good studnet in AI would come to the team it would be coming soon

PS: i promoted VCMI on my University, so maybe someone would want to join :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, it looks really tempting and flexible - but on the other hand gives a feeling of too much content in one place.