VCMI 0.86c crashes when using space

When using the space key on object entrance (city, monolith…) the game crashes. Logfiles attached.

Hope this helps :wink: (41.9 KB)

Ok, but how about bugtracker?

I am able to reproduce it for monoliths, but not for town gate…

@Gurnisson: can you create a bug report using Warmonger’s link or shall I? FYI - The reason why we need the bug tracker is the fact that a project of this size has unavoidably hundreds of bugs during its development phases, which would be very hard to track and handle on a web forum. The Bug Tracker may seem difficult to use in the beginning for gamers who didn’t do many betas before, but it’s a huge help for the coders. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with registering on Mantis or with the creation of a report.

OK, I’ve registered on the bugtracker. Today will make some more tests and try to create a bug report.