VCMI 0.7d - development version

I’m releasing a next development version: 0.7d. It will be most probably the last dev version before 0.71 release, which is still planned on April 1.
There are no new, big features - only bugfixes and several requested improvements.


Unified changelog 0.7 -> 0.7d is included in the package.


vcmi_07d.7z (1.68 MB)

Being in game VCMI heroes, I even more often forget, that I not in old kind Heroes III, I think it a good sign so to hold :slight_smile:

Only here “to the Vehicle (cart) with the Ammunition” in Fight I think it is not necessary to grant the right to go Therefore as I do not know as it to attack :wink:

In 0.7d equipping or unequipping items causes a crash most of the time.

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Learning spells level 3 or higher from Mage Guilds is not currently limited by the hero’s Wisdom skill, being able to learn up to level 4 without the Wisdom skill, and up to level 5 with Basic Wisdom.

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Twice when I’ve been playing today there has been crashes upon winning the battle. The logs are attached, and the client logs end with the “Listening… battleGetAvailableHexes called when there is no battle!” error.

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TaleOfTwoLandsC.7z (4.27 KB)
TaleOfTwoLandsB.7z (3.57 KB)




Will be checked.


Here one more cool bug has turned out :slight_smile: I Spread in “*.SWF” because words I can not explain…

And still, it is possible someone already wrote about it, “the Medical tent” in Fight does not treat.

This feature is not yet implemented.

I believe I found the reason of this bug - potential crash occurring when stack which ended the battle received extra morale after final attack.
Fixed :slight_smile:

It’s tricky one, I don’t know if can be totally fixed by 0.71. But I’ll try at least decrease it’s severity (it definitely should not hang up battle).

Not implemented, I’ll probably disable it’s movement as well.