VCMI 0.7c - development version

A new development version is ready! It brings many fixes and improvements. Several new objects are supported, I’ve redone path cost calculating and solved a lot of reported previously issues.

Hope you’ll like the progress :slight_smile:
There may be one more dev release not long before 0.71 release (currently scheduled on April 1).


Full changelog 0.7 -> 0.7c is included in the package.

Unresolved issues from 0.7 bug thread:

Unresolved issues from 0.7b bug thread:

vcmi_07c.7z (1.67 MB)

I was able to successfully save the game at the start without moving any heroes, however after moving heroes, crashes happened while saving. Attached are the saves that worked, but subsequent saves didn’t save properly and caused crashes. I initially thought that because it was an allied map it crashed, however I tested the standard War of the Mighty map and it had a crash bug as well.

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0-7c_21March2009.7z (127 KB)

Thanks for the report. Issue seems to be fixed, check the attached package :slight_smile:
It was related to collecting disappearing objects like resource piles.
vcmi_07c2.7z (1.67 MB)

Crash bug in 0.7c2 when attacking golem stack.

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0-7c2_21March2009.7z (126 KB)

The most recent version of VCMI doesn’t crash for me.

Yes, I am not saying that it is crashing for everyone, however on my computer from the attached save, when the Wood Elves from my army attack the Iron Golems it crashes each time from my testing so far (0.7c2).

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Could you give me your logs from crash (VCMI_client_log, VCMI_server_log)? Maybe there is a hint.

Weird. It’s not crashing now. Maybe I hadn’t properly overwritten all the 0.7c files.

Would you still like me to send you the client and server log files?

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Yes, it could help. Maybe there is something interesting (of course only if you have old logs from those crashes, not logs from properly working game).

When loading a save, all heroes directions are changed to the default direction instead of the direction they had at the time of the save.

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(PS: I don’t have the logs from when my 0.7c2 crashed. I’ll keep you up-to-date if I find another crash error.)

When a particular building has been disabled in the editor, it should show up as grey as soon as it is visible in the town building screen, and not wait until you have all the resources and prerequisite buildings to build it (as happened for the L7 dwelling in the starting castles in the War of the Mighty map).

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In 0.7c2 I got a crash about Day 2 or 3 of the Tale of Two Lands map. Attached is the starting savegame and associated client and server logs.

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22March2009.7z (119 KB)

I hope, I on a theme…

Small errors:


And still, it would would be desirable that in “BATTLE” options because each time in new “BATTLE” to have to establish them again remained.

Reproducible, I’ll try to fix it by 0.71 release.

I’ve tried loading your savegame and playing but I’m not getting crash. Do you remember what action caused the crash? Is it reproducible in any way or random?

By the way, I’ve found a bug in the Redwood Observatory handling - it doesn’t reveal any FoW. Moreover, it makes revealing it impossible even for heroes. It should be also soon fixed.

“Rebalancing” two stacks of same units is not yet supported, it has been already reported as #40 in the 0.7 bug thread.
Anyway, I hope to implement this feature possibly soon :slight_smile:

Quite a big bug in 0.7c2 - Wolf Raiders do not currently get a second attacking melee strike, and the second shots for Grand Elves and Marksmen do not appear to be doing any damage.

Related to this, could you change it so the defending creature count is updated at the moment the projectile or the melee strike hits (like in H3), rather than at the moment the projectile or melee strike starts?

Features to implement:
The fading out of resources, instead of them just disappearing in one animation. :slight_smile:

Sometimes when you pick up any type of resource (including treasure chests and artifacts) the movement path remains on the square even though the square is now empty (unlike it happens in H3).

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DoubleStrike.h3m (4.6 KB)

The bug could be just that the creatures remaining number is not updating at the point in time when the damage is done. :slight_smile: Though I don’t know why Wolf Raiders are only attacking once each attack.

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Fixed :slight_smile:

Fixed. Battle options will be remembered and not reset after battle.


It’s not so trivial.
For now I’ve disabled displaying count boxes for creatures that are performing an action and creatures being an object of current action. It’s not exactly how H3 behaves but I think it better :slight_smile:

It’s because Heroes3 config files for creature special abilities (like double attack) are incomplete, some (most) abilities are listed and some aren’t. (And some are listed incorrectly.) If they aren’t, we need to hardcode that ability (later they’ll be moved to the new config file).

Thanks again for bug reports and suggestions!