VCMI 0.75e - development version

It’s high time for another dev version before upcoming big 0.8 release.
There are two significant functionalities since previous build:

  • Grail. Obelisks, puzzle maps, Grail placement (handling map editor obj for grail), digging, constructing ultimate building in town.
  • Hot - seat. That functionality certainly still needs more work but I think it should be mostly usable now. I hope (I barely tested it).
    There are some differences from H3 (eg. loading games - save file remembers players, so there is no need of typing their names every time) - it was simpler to implement it that way and deadline was coming.


Useful links:
Previous release: [
Changelog in the package: … /ChangeLog (new features)
Changelog in the bugtracker: (bugfixes)
VCMI Status spreadsheet: … pLe4raNAWA

when defender wins after it get his own turn game crashes :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, finally hotseat support :smiley: I LOVE YOU GUYS :slight_smile:
Also, “big 0.8 release” sounds awesome, any word on planned features for .8 ?

The only big feature planned for 0.8x that hasn’t been clearly mentioned is campaign support. I’ve implemented it partially and you can actually load (almost) any campaign from Heroes or custom but you still cannot start playing it.

Btw, what are the planned features for upcoming releases?
1.0 feature parity

1.0 New Features/Mod support?

The devs are still pretty far from getting 1.0.
I would assume the features of 1.0 would be full support of all (or close to all) aspects of Heroes 3, with minor bugs.

The features I’ve read about for 0.8 are hotseat support and, as Tow dragon mentioned, campaign support.

My thoughts exactly. Especially hotseat, which comes earlier than I anticipated, is a very nice surprise. :slight_smile:

I think it’s not a good idea to plan features. A few years ago, when the project was much less developed, we wrote roadmap, but features were implemented in significantly different order. Features shouldn’t be in any roadmap until someone starts implementing them.