VCMI 0.75c - development version

This version is just like 0.75b but bug with removing defeated monster has been fixed. Saves should be compatible.

Hope this one will be better :slight_smile:

Some significant features:

  • Victory and loss conditions (Tow)
  • Seer huts & quests (Warmonger)
  • Kingdom Overview screen (Ivan)
  • Thieves Guild screen (Tow Dragon)

Please check also:
Changelog in the package: … /ChangeLog (new features)
Changelog in the bugtracker: (bugfixes)

VCMI Status spreadsheet ( … pLe4raNAWA ) also was updated, things marked as supported since 80 are expected to be working in this release.

Serialization system has also received some changes, so new issues with load may (or may not) appear. Be vigilant! :wink:


Not Found
The requested URL /VCMI_075c.7z was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

No comment… :imp:

Fixed just before you posted. I’ve added missing graphics for Kingdom overview in the last minute.

This bug is still there

screenshot after battle with centaurs
Heroes 3 VCMI.7z (134 KB)

Hmmm… it appers to be a different one.

Translated stacktrace:
Apparently monsters map in GameState wasn’t containing defeated mosner’s identifier and returned NULL. Than assigning -1 pos to NULL ptr caused crash.

Could you please post a savegame so I’ll try reproducing issue with debug version?

No need for save, I’ve figured this out. Bug appears only on RoE maps. (If your map wasn’t RoE, let me know).

Yes,it’s RoE, map Boomerang

Fixed in r1480.

so should I test it only on SoD maps? or you will update this download?

I’ll post new version tomorrow. Saves will be compatible, so no testing will be lost. :slight_smile:

Good news. It would be nice to have most major bugs cleaned out, so we can manage to test those victory conditions properly before 0.8. :wink:

On a separate note, I saw you had a request that bugs should not be reported as fixed in 0.75b. Does that count for 0.75c as well (and other dev releases)? Should all bug fixes be always marked as resolved in, for a clear Changelog between two official releases? - EDIT: Seeing how you marked all your fixes before and after 0.75c, I have my answer already. I’ll move the 2 reports marked as fixed for 0.75c to :wink:

I want to use automatically generated changelog for 0.8 public release. Thus reports should be marked as fixed in (which will be renamed to 0.8) only if issue was present in 0.75 release.

If issue showed later (in one of recent dev releases), it should be marked as fixed in “next dev release” or simply left the field empty. I don’t know if there is a point in having listed in changelog ephemeral regressions that wasn’t present in any “official” (not dev) release.

Makes sense.

Not sure if it’s a good idea, but perhaps we could have another version code “”, to be used only for bugs reported on dev versions, related to the changes in that version (i.e.: sth related to the new Kingdom Overview would be, while a typo in a skill description, which probably was there before, could be Though perhaps this may become too cumbersome for the devs.