VCMI 0.75b - development version

After over two months of development I’d like to release this dev build.
I hope it’ll help us find and fix regressions introduced since 0.75 and properly finish new features for 0.8 release.


Some significant features:

  • Victory and loss conditions (Tow)
  • Seer huts & quests (Warmonger)
  • Kingdom Overview screen (Ivan)
  • Thieves Guild screen (Tow Dragon)

Please check also:
Changelog in the package: … /ChangeLog (new features)
Changelog in the bugtracker: (bugfixes)

VCMI Status spreadsheet ( … pLe4raNAWA ) also was updated, things marked as supported since 80 are expected to be working in this release.

Serialization system has also received some changes, so new issues with load may (or may not) appear. Be vigilant! :wink:


Order of Fire in Inferno is also implemented since 0.74 probably.

no possibility to choose 0,75b as Product Version during reporting in Mantis

Boulie, fixed (at least for me).

Yes it is.
But testing this version is nearly impossible. Check last crash I’ve added. And do something :wink:

Grail (common behavior) and Library (Tower) works for a long time as well

From this version should work:
Brimstone Clouds (Inferno)
Grail (Dungeon, Stronghold, Fortress)

I’ve updated status page accordingly. Thanks for notice! :slight_smile:
Let me know if any other info needs an update there.

Soon! :slight_smile: