VCMI 0.7 release - problem with Cyrillic font

Good evening. I very badly understand Polish, English is even worse, I translate from the program “Promt”. Therefore in advance I apologise for incorrect transfer.

I test the big love to this game and as I have the big interest to your project. Would like even to help, yes only I do not know
Than, unless ideas… :slight_smile:

Has downloaded version VCMI 0.7 released! Also I have such problem with a font, prompt as it to solve?!

In advance thanks.

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Unfortunately everything you can do is to replace fonts in your VCMI installation to different ones from your operating system (although they must have same names).

It seems that you have Russian version of Heroes. VCMI currently can’t display properly signs from Cyrillic alphabet. [Strictly speaking it actually can… but encoding used in H3 isn’t supported.]

You can change language version of your H3 installation to English by extracting to the Data/ subfolder this package:

Later you will be able to restore original language by removing extracted files.

Thanks, I in the beginning will test the first variant and if not to turn out, then I will try to do English.

It is cool! it has almost turned out :slight_smile: Has tried all fonts from available in “C:\Windwos\fonts” and has found all a couple, here that left:

Everything, has understood, has found, has downloaded, the most successful font. Which is well read and is not beyond a window. If someone has still similar problems with a font, here spread:
Fonts.rar (45.3 KB)

Great! :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing your solution, it may be useful for another people using Russian version of H3.

I am glad if I can be useful. :slight_smile: