VCMI 0.7 - Bug Reports

@Aidis: I can confirm the issue about FoW, though probably the devs are also well aware. I’ve noticed it long time ago, but I thought it was intentionally implemented like this to give us a better perspective (and make it easier to test longer paths from the beginning). For that reason I wasn’t gonna bring it up before 0.8 - but I guess we can have this changed earlier as well.

@Tow: Thx for all the fixes, in such a short time. :->

Some comments on a couple of issues:

I’m not very sure about that either, though no later patch or add-on ever changed that, so to me it looks like it was meant to be like this. Few arguments I can think of:
~ H3 came after H2, which had those Captains if you remember - some sort of L1 “heroes” which could be hired on top of the maximum amount of heroes available, to defend a certain town when the strong hero was away
~ NWC may have wanted to somehow keep that H2 feature, but somehow simplified and in the same time more flexible (H2 Captains could not leave the town, an extra hero in H3 was able, in case one of the main heroes was killed or temporary garrisoned)
~ I don’t think allowing garrisoned heroes on top of 8 heroes on the map would have negative effects - if I’m not mistaken these extra heroes remain as L1 and rarely step out of towns
~ And lastly, as VCMI will offer support for higher resolutions, bigger maps, more alignments and more heroes, “limiting” the amount of heroes would kinda be going in the opposite direction, and give the player the feeling he/she’s a bit “short on heroes” (which didn’t much happen in H3 original)

UPDATE: I just realized the best way to figure this out was to check the H3 manual and here is what they say about it:

I also thought that showing the tooltip only after the button is clicked (so actually only after the open window is closed again) is a bit weird. Glad you agreed to implement it on hover :slight_smile: (and that you’re considering §2 as well).

Are you referring at 0.7? I still see it as follows (in both 800x600 & 1024x768):

  • upper frame correct
  • left frame too big
  • bottom and right frame too short

But just in case I was not very clear what I’m referring to, I’m talking of the big black (with pattern) background frame behind the Adventure map, not the small gray frame of the Adventure map itself.

Here’s an example of how much I can go to the left (too much) and down (too little) by scrolling the map to the left lower corner:

I’ve made impossible to scroll map with mouse when any dialog is opened. Instead of that I’ve added possibility of scrolling with keyboard: CTRL+Arrows. As you wished :slight_smile:




Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=67]Note: the credit for reporting #52 goes to dikamilo though ;)[/size]

Great work with all the fixes =)

some more things i noticed:

#71 Creature stack number frames in battle can overlap when standing close to each other.
H3C: VCMI: (It’s 3 serpent flies vs 43 gremlins)

#72 You can’t move your mouse at all while moving the with you keyboard arrows. the adventure map will stop move even tho you have your arrowkey pressed down.

Following things are probably not that important but i will report them at least.

#73 The slider in the Available scenarios section where you select map could have some improvements. atm to be able to drag it you have to actually press the on the blue “block”, it should be possible to press anywhere on the slider so it jumps there and drag in the same move. Would be great to be able to use the mouse scroll wheel to slide too.

#74 Using the mouse scroll wheel in the main menus and in Available Scenarios and such makes the cursor act weird. it kinda starts doing everything in slow motion as long as you keep scrolling and moving your mouse at the same time.

In addition to #73 maybe it would be great to be able to use the mouse wheel in other “slider windows” like when you split stacks and recruit stacks and such? just came to mind now i dont really know how useful it would be but you could think of it :wink:

You are right. I will probably implement proper behaviour by the 0.71 release.

I was refering to 0.7b, sorry for not standing this clear.
It’s still not working identically as in original but is better than 0.7.

Fixed. I’ve also implemented scrolling scenario list with the wheel. I hope to add scrolling to the other parts of interface soon. Thanks for suggestion.





Implemented in the stack splitting window.


AFAIK fixed/added by Tow Dragon.

I’ve changed path calculation formulas, it should be better new :slight_smile:



Fixed, thanks for precise description :slight_smile:

Implemented rebalancing possibility :slight_smile:

To avoid spamming the 0.72c thread with a discussion on this, I thought of raising this in the thread where I reported the issue. It’s something that was never addressed in the end I believe. The VCMI and H3-WoG “static” creature animations in battle are very different. For example, please load the attached game in both VCMI & H3WoG, and attack Grand Elves with Christian:

In VCMI, all creatures seem to be doing the same thing: breathing. Not bad animation, just maybe a bit monotonous.

In H3WoG, the creatures aren’t breathing, but every 10 seconds, each of them have a more-or-less customized animation (and luckily not all together :slight_smile: ):

  • Behemoths show their claws (?) and roar (silently:p)
  • Beholders & Troglodytes move/open their mouths (differently)
  • Imps rub their noses :slight_smile:
  • Elves are checking their bows
    (and so on - each creature having its own animation, be that funny or dull)

Now, I’m a bit lazy to install RoE again to check this, but are the (breathing) animations you guys are using from the original RoE, while the custom animations came later? Or you created them yourselves?

I’d like to have this cleared out before adding it to SourceForge (if necessary at all - because in case your animations are the original ones, then we don’t really have an issue; even if the custom animations are a bit more interesting:)
just testing.h3m (4.72 KB)

This is a very minor thing (maybe the smallest “issue” I’ll ever report :p): I see the above has been implemented 99%. Only keys not coded to stop movement as well are CTRL, Shift & the function keys (other than those mentioned in my post that they shouldn’t). While I doubt anyone will jump to the function keys to stop a movement, I would still add Ctrl & Shift in the code (unless you had a particular reason to leave them out).

Was there any change since RoE?
Animations we use are present in creatures’ .DEF files. We neither did them or distribute them with VCMI, it’s a part of H3:WoG installation. It seems that NWC prepared animations for “standing” creature but they didn’t use them in battles (efficiency reasons?).

Apart from that .defs contain special animation that is played when creature is hovered with mouse or randomly from time to time (that are the animations you listed).

I wouldn’t know. And I just realized I can’t check that as the only H3 copies I have in the house are two different versions of Heroes 3 Complete (the original one on CD and the DVD version released later on by Ubisoft). My old copy of RoE is among the disks I left to my little brother when I left the country 5 years ago (hoping he will give it a try some day - but strategies are just not his thing). :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. As for why NWC left them out, could be various reasons:

  • efficiency as you say (in case you are referring to system resources needed to support up to 14+ “passive” animations continuously)
  • focus: maybe they felt it’s easier to focus on the active creature if others don’t move in place all the time
  • or, as I said earlier, maybe they felt the customized animations are more interesting than the breathing animation for all
    It can be a combination of the above and - as I cannot check RoE - I don’t know if they took a decision upon it as result of their beta, or even at a later date, with the release of AB or SoD. What makes me suspect they left it out at a later stage, is the fact that although H3C & WoG do not have these passive animations, when I first saw the creatures “breathing” in VCMI, and the First Aid Tent flag fluttering, it felt somehow normal, like I would have seen those animations before.

So what shall we do in the end? Keep the “breathing” as originally coded by NWC, or change it to the special animation like in H3C & WoG?

However, even if we keep it or not, we still need to fix bug 0.72b#8, concerning the speed of these passive animations, which should always be Slow, regardless of the speed we set in the Battle Options screen, which should only impact active animations. And that because - even if I don’t have a H3C reference to compare for the “breathing” one - both the breathing & the special animation look somehow unnatural on Fast (and even on Normal sometimes). We do have a reference for the special animations though, and those are always Slow in H3.


I’m bumping this 'cause I see there are many users online these days (programmers & testers) - maybe others would like to give their feedback on these passive animations as well. For more details see also 4 posts above.

FYI - this was discussed also at Celestial Heavens, and there were a couple of users happy to hear VCMI is using the original “constant breathing” (don’t know how else to call it) animation originally intended by NWC. However I for one still prefer the custom animations every ~10 seconds, not only when we hover over creatures. This is of course not urgent, but it would be useful if we gather more opinions on it… if people have any preference at all. :slight_smile: