VCMI 0.6 Released!

it took us 3 months to prepare new version but it brings a number of new features. In VCMI 0.6 it’s possible to build town structures, recruit creatures and enter the battles. Though VCMI 0.6 is still not playable, it’s much more playable than previous version :slight_smile:
It’s possible to enter battles and move creatures, but it’s impossible to kill enemy stacks and win. If you want to exit the battle simply use “flee” button.

We are going to make a few more releases of 0.6x series including improvements in the battles (we want to make them at least winnable before 0.7).

Download link:

Extract the package into your main Heroes folder.
WoG 3.58f is required. We strongly recommend using English version.
If you have older version of VCMI you can overwrite it.

Thanks (as always :)) for Steven Aus for testing and helpful suggestions.

Changelog since 0.55:

  • recruiting creatures
  • working creature growths (including castle, grail and horde building influences)
  • towns give income
  • town hall screen
  • building structures (requirements and cost are handled)
  • hints for structures
  • updating town infobox
  • fixed displaying wrong town defs


  • merging stacks
  • splitting stacks
  • dismissing stack


  • starting battles
  • displaying terrain, animations of heroes, units, grid, range of units, battle menu with console, amounts of units in stacks
  • leaving battle by pressing flee button
  • moving units in battles and displaying thier ranges
  • defend command for units
  • half-done attacking


  • creature info window
  • new pathfinder
  • giving primary skill when hero get level (but there is still no dialog)
  • war machines are added to the hero’s inventory, not to the garrison
  • support for H3-style PCX graphics in Data/
  • VCMI won’t crash when is unable to initialize audio system
  • a number of minor fixes and improvements

Thank you very much!

Can’t wait ver. 1.0!

You can’t wait (as we and many other Heroes players) but you have to. I’m almost sure ver. 1.0 won’t be released in this year (however it should be in the next one). Anyway I think that we are developing it quite fast.

awesome, i love how much has been added since the last release keep up the good work guys

[size=75] Added: 2008-06-06, 03:00 ][/size]
also this might sound a little random but while reading through the readme on the changes made i saw something about audio, and it made me wonder. is there any chance u guys could improve the program that plays music in game, cuz back in the day when i was messing around with settings i put some personal mp3’s in to replace in-game music, and it worked. the only problem was that the mp3 player produced horrible sound quality.

[size=75] Added: 2008-06-06, 03:06 ][/size]
and i hate to add again cuz it makes me look like a ninny, but the program crashed on me. but it’s cool cuz i know it’s in the works and all. i was wondering if there was anywhere i could send a dump file, that’s if they’re being accepted

Thanks :slight_smile:

When support for music/sound effects is ready it should be able to handle properly all correct mp3 files :slight_smile:

Any files needed to describe the crash can be attached to the post. You can also send it on my mail ( impono[at sign] ). But it should be enough if you describe how to reproduce the crash or paste a few last messages from the console output.

i was just wondering about the screen size? do u plan on just making it windowed, is there a fullscreen option in the works? and how versatile will the window sizes be?

Also i was wondering about online play if it’s gonna be improved from WOG?

We are going to make VCMI be able to work only in 800x600 resoultion but both full-screen and windowed.

No, it won’t be improved. We’re writing it from scratch. I hope it’ll be fast and stable but we are not very experineced in writing net code.