VCMI 0.53 Released!


  • hopefully the last bugfix of Pandora’s Box
  • fixed blockmaps of generated heroes
  • disposed hero cannot be chosen in scenario settings (unless he is in prison)
  • fixed town randomization
  • fixed hero randomization
  • fixed displaying heroes in preGame
  • fixed selecting/deselecting artifact slots in hero window
  • much faster pathfinder
  • memory usage and load time significantly decreased
  • it’s impossible to select empty artifact slot in hero window
  • fixed problem with FoW displaying on minimap on L-sized maps
  • fixed crashbug in hero list connected with heroes dismissing
  • mostly done town infobox
  • town daily income is properly calculated
  • minor bugfixes and improvements

Many thanks for GrayFace and Steven for their reports :slight_smile:


Due to one critical bug we are releasing patch 0.53b (replace old 0.53 .exe file).