Unused animations


is there a list of unused creature animations? I know of the Centaur shooting animation and the Monk and Unicorn magic casting animation. Are there any other? I’m particularly interested in magic casting animations.

Here you are!

Some of them are already incorporated in various vcmi mods!

And sure, i’ll check which of them are already in what mod.

Shooting centaurys in two ‘shooting centaurus’ mod (at wiki page), rest in Creatures Hidden Potential.

Creatures Hidden Potential has shooting centaurs too. And it has spell casting dendroid soldiers. Still free are : Harpy Hag, Vampire Lord, War Unicorn, Dread Knight, Zealot, Cyclops King, Efreet, Efreet Sultan and Minotaur kings.

Since i want to boost the hero specialties, i add some spellcasting to either matching creature specialists, or to spell specialists where there is no mass version of the specialty spell.

So f.ex. for Lorelei i added Harpy Hags ability to cast frenzy. That fits well to Harpy hags. But that ability should be limited to Harpy Hags in Loreleis army. For other heroes these Harpy Hags are just normal.

Or Xyron with his Inferno specialty: I added Efreeti and Efreeti Sultans ability to cast that spell. But then only in Xyrons army. Others have just normal Efreeti.

Clancy adds antiMagic casting to War Unicorns, Ingham adds Bless to Zealots, and so on :slight_smile: I hope that brings much more individuality to all those heroes.

I can’t test currently, because the server crashes on first mouse movements. As soon as i have tested it, i’ll upload it.