Town of Lord of rings Mordor

hi new town mordor in Lord of rings. :wink: Iam amatourr sorry any detailed not good but I think good monsters.

commander Lord of Nazgul :wink:

As for start as amateur work - you gather quite good line up. But itโ€™s easiest part :slight_smile:

thx and have you seen blackfortrees? I posted that here as well. new sounds, new units, 3 types of improvement of one familiar unit from h4 spawn of poison. etc.

I will say as the author of the mod that you ruined, you created a fierce dermo

itโ€™s not finished yet. maybe iโ€™ll finish it today

the modification has been completed for a long time and has its own company for passing, but it will not see the release

Eh, free modding should be free modding. I guess sumik25 is also making his town mostly for private use. The best way to learn vcmi modding is recycling of existing assets.

I donโ€™t care who does what, but bragging about being ugly is overkill.