Town Guardians

Please add a way to add to Each Town-Type a godly creature, which would be summoned on siege if city is capital (has built capital). Of course there should be switch on/off for the feature. Idea taken from Disciples II, and already incorporated in my ERA based mod.

If you incorporate this as an option, you may also add summonning-on-siege for other building and other creatures.

Note: Creature count should be based on day-of-game. I used for my mod those math:
but later it should allow any math based on “day” variable

So we have this modding suggestions thread, which is sticked.

Any creature summoning and configuration needs to be planned carefully. We want to allow as much flexibility as possible. Though advanced maths most probably requires scripts.

Hmm not necessary requires scripts. I saw math and binary conditions and even interactions done in pure xml (it was in mod to civ4 called caveman2cosmos). they have done it because they preffered to do more things in xml to use python less.

since we have JSON we can have similair thing. I don’t know JSON enough but in xml this can be for example

<divide> <power> <add>
<divide> <variable>day</variable> <constant> 28  </constant> </divide>
<constant>2 </constant> </add>  <constant>2 </constant> </power>
<constant>2 </constant> </divide> 

But this all needs to be parsed and interpreted in game. No one is going to write a code that supports that some theoretical-but-not-real features used in arbitrary places.

it should be not in arbitrary places, but in any where it makes sense.
I think it could work similair to limiters or something IDK.