Town Alignment

Hi there,

As MDT Alternative Creatures is getting closer to release I started wondering if it is possible to make some aesthetic changes to present their presence as early as on town alignment stage.

Those are some propositions how it could look

Markdown Test

There might be other way, like scaling window itself. For now I would like to know if it is possible in any way to achive.


@Nephretes assume you have alternates of each creature in a castle. Then is should be scaling, because variants 1-2 will not work and variant 3 will be too “blinky”.

To someone who will implement this:
CPreGame.cpp - void OptionsTab::CPregameTooltipBox::genTownWindow()


No, just one alternative creature per town. It already took as about 3 years, having alternates for every would take like 15y and would be impossible to balance. Perhaps we will make second one if we feel like it. I doubt it though.
Thanks for answer, I will pass it to person responsible for implementing and we will investigate our options.

Btw. where do we find it in a code? I don’t know anything about coding, but it seems it might be a bit too difficult for us T^T

AVS just answered literally in the post above :stuck_out_tongue:

Add feature request on bug tracker then:

We have multiple contributors who might implement something to improve modding support.

I would go for the last one. You can easily see what tier the units are, which is important for quick identification and new mod users who aren’t sure.