Tool for creating selection file for buildings

Can someone share compiled Windows EXE file for generating borders for dwelling DEFs?
I will drastically speed up work of modders.
I saw folder in sources:

This tool never generated borders. It was merely a helper for matching existing buildings images with their borders and areas bitmaps.

Sad, that I’ve mistaken.

IvanSav said that GIMP can generate borders, but didn’t said how.
Do someone describe this technic?

Can’t remember exactly but it was something like copy layer and apply Gaussian blur to it. This should give nice glowing effect.

You’re free to ask but we don’t have many people familiar with GIMP/Photoshop/any other image editing software.

This I used and it’s useless.
No alternative to hand work :sunglasses:

^Blur will just blur it.

It’s stroke effect, google “gimp stroke”

Here is how it looks like in photoshop