Tips for Samsung Android noobs

Hey Android noobs,
I personally struggled to get HOMM3 and VCMI properly working on my Samsung Galaxy Fold 4. Hours later I got it up and working (no PC or Windows required!). Thank you all of the contributors of this amazing port!!

  1. Buy the game on GOG (don’t be cheap, do you want a virus?)
  2. Download the game onto your Android (Samsung) phone. You should see an .exe and a .bin file
  3. Get File Manager + at Google Play Store
  4. Get UserLAnd
  5. Follow the instructions below to install innoextract and move the files (instructions are for Diablo, but very similar) to the correct place. Once they are in the correct place, you can simply run “innoextract setup_heroes_of_might_and_magic_3_complete_4.0_(28740).exe”. NP This will give you the folders you need to launch VCIM! You MUST use File Manager + or similar tool to move files to our desired location Extracting the .MPQs from the GoG installer · diasurgical/devilutionX Wiki · GitHub
  6. My VCMI folder was in Main Storage → vcmi_data. Put Data, Maps and MP3 folders here
  7. Create a new folder called Mods. Download the Utilities mod, extract it, put the inner “vcmi” folder inside of the new Mods folder we created
  8. Launch VCMI…and see HOMM3 in all of its glory, but maybe with a terrible flashing screen! No worries, we can fix!
  9. Try some different VCMI resolutions (did not work for me --)
  10. Try some different VCMI resolutions in combination with different Samsung resolution (non Fold) or different aspect ratio (4:3 works PERFECT on Fold 4 800x600)
  11. Leave a comment on what worked for you

Thanks again contributors and I hope this helps somebody!

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Was it version from play store?

I have seen Inno extractor app on google play, maybe it can extract GOG files as well. Also as a file manager I use quite lightweight ZArchiver. Any file manager should work in this case.

Hey Nullkiller,
Yep! Innoextractor should really work from anywhere. I used a linux emulator to get Innoextractor but that probably wasnt necessary. Do check out that link on the instructions for extracting the Diablo files or any files from a GOG games installation package – this worked for Diablo AND for HOMM3 too!

For you and anybody else playing old games on a Samsung Fold 4 – it looks like the 4:3 aspect ratio is needed for games that natively used 800x600. I dont have a technical explanation, but Baldurs Gate EE needed to be put in 4:3 resolution on my phone too.

Hope this helps!

Play store got an update. No more flickering. If you have any questions feel free to ask.