Tileset options in vcmi & separate borders for each tile

Hi …

For legends I would like to do each tileset borders like Sand tileset is in h3. (Sand is the only tilestet in h3 that has it’s own borders with every other tileset)
(Dirt is somewhat an exeption too , but for contact with water and rocks it lacks it’s own graphics and uses sand)

Every other tileset uses dirt or sand borders in contact with other tileset and personally I think it is a very ugly solution, that doesn’t look good.

I’ve looked into vcmi installation and json config called terrainViewPatterns.json and well I don’t really understand what it is for :(… I expected this file to be a config with rules and mapping to def files/pic files with the possibility to even add a new tileset but it seem to not be the case.

So the question is, is it possible with vcmi to have each of the 10 present tilesets to have it’s own shore/rocks border and own native border with other terrains ?

If it’s not right now then will it be possible in the future ? Will it be considered as an option for projects that want to replace current tileset or add new tilesets to h3 ?

Probably. Still too early to say anything here - first we’ll need functional editor or at least RMG.

However I don’t like idea of giving each terrain border with every other terrain due to huge amount of work (and required graphics that must be kept in memory). Much more interesting way would be to have only borders from terrain to transparency and generate terrain-terrain borders in runtime.

That’s for RMG (for map editing to be precise) to describe H3 terrain def files.

It’s much easier to edit current terrain defs and leave transparency only, then to draw additional frames.
And there can be some new terrains, which will require redraw of previos terrains in other case…

Well yes I have the graphics as layers for each terrain so this would work.

However after doing tilesets I can tell that it might be not worth it. There are more important things in the engine in other places that are more needed (like hd asset support). This here would be a small change, nice but probably not worth the coding needed for it.

Offtopic but doing tilesets was generally very boring job. It needs quite a lot efford to make those small tiles look good as a whole and no reward as the end result is just some random green grass or dirt. I can understand why there was almost no tileset mod for Homm3.