[Suggestion] Making the game playable via a browser (Stadia like)

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what you might think of the idea to use something like UV4L and host the game on a raspberry pi/virtual machine in order to stream it and make it playable through a browser? I’m sure it would be a hassle to get the web interface to handle all the inputs properly, and there would be other pitfalls along the way, yet here are some benefits that might make this effort worth it:

1 - People could play the game from any device they want (start playing on their computer, go to work / a friends house / their toilet, and continue playing on their phone/tablet). This could also have an impact on the need for Android/iOS compatibility.
2 - You can have a multiplayer experience the old fasioned way (just create a game for 2+ players - its 1 computer that is running everything).
3 - You (or you and your friends) can play the game for a while, then just close the browser tab, and it would just be there, where you left it off, without a need for saving/loading.
4 - People can play a game slowly, like chess - a couple of turns per day, at their own pace, and all they’ll need to do is just reopen a tab in the browser (and maybe give the other person a nudge to complete their turn)
5 - It could make the game more accessible for other people too - if there are volunteers to provide free hosting, the game would become playable without installing anything.

Anyways, I might be biased and this might not be worth it at all, so I’d really appreciate it to hear what you guys think about this idea? :slight_smile:

Even if we have tons of free hosting I do not think the game is ready for such approach. It needs some advanced infrastructure while we may have our malfunctioning for quite a while because there is no dedicated administrator to constantly monitor it. Last time we had forum registration not working for 3 months. Also we have quite a mess with mods. We try to establish single mods registry so that users can install mods from launcher but it is only a small part while a lot of them are still scattered by various forum threads and so on. You can play a few turns a day and make a save… You can configure some kind of sync so that saves folder (or even mods as well) is synchronized across all your devices allowing you to continue playing on other device but sure only in case AI finished his turn and you able to save the game.

Btw somebody tried to make webassembly from vcmi but not sure if they succeeded or not

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The WebAssembly approach definetly seems like an interesting endeavor - didn’t even know that would be possible.
Otherwise thanks for letting me know, its certainly a priority to get other bits sorted first.