Status of the HOTA mod?

Does anyone know the status of vcmi HOTA mod? The development seems to be quite active: GitHub - vcmi-mods/horn-of-the-abyss: Port of Horn of The Abyss to the VCMI, but there is no documentation/release note. Is this fully playable or still in-development?

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It’s playable for 10 years. New town support was added in February 2013.

1.2 version will add a few visitable objects to the mod.

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Thanks, the description of the mods said it is a work-in-progress port so it is a bit misleading :smile:

Well, everything in VCMI is constantly a work-in-progress, and descriptions easily get outdated.

There are no people who would just sit and polish documentation, unfortunatelly ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

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We now have a master list of all HoTA features: HotA supported features · Issue #1614 · vcmi/vcmi · GitHub

However, it’s still not up to date :stuck_out_tongue: I just ticked off only the features that I’m 100% certain work correctly.

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Casts thread resurrection… Has there been any consideration on adding one of the best features from HotA; the ability to decline skills from Witch Huts and Scholars that you may not want?

Also, any thought to the Invite Hero function? I love both in regular HotA and HD mod.


the ability to decline skills from Witch Huts and Scholars


any thought to the Invite Hero function?`

Not planned. It’s a HD Mod feature.

It’s all listed here: HotA Mod Functionality Status · GitHub
HD Mod Functionality Status · GitHub

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HotA have a new Factory town, will it be added into VCMI?

yes, it’s a work in progress

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I just updated HOTA to version version 1.6.38 and the mod is now crashing, I’ve had to deactivate it.

Fixed. Please download 1.6.39 version

Works again, thank you!