[Solved] New Flags

Hm New Flags don’t show. :frowning:

I’m using 0.99

Arf actually it’s not only New Flags but any from the small Era mods that don’t work, is there some trickery I need to do?

Thanks in advance

New Flags may not show, because New Flags and hi-res mod partially overrides the same defs. I don’t remember proper ‘enabling’. First I enabled New Flags mod then high-res mod or… opposite.

And you are the first that reporting Small Era submods don’t work. Don’t know really why, because most of them are small and simply and they should work perfectly. I know it’s silly question, but… in order to work any submod - you must enable main Small Era Mods mod as well!

hahahaha I’m so stupid, I only put the ones I wanted and not the main, now everything works lol thanks!