SOLVED - Map opbject has see through pixels

So it’s been a while since i’ve made a def and for some reason this one just won’t behave. Even when i go into the pallet and change the offending color i can’t seem to get it to stop making certain dark pixels totally see through. Any clue what i’m missing?

VCMI has some kind of problems with displaying black color. So if your def will have less black pixels, it’s better!

Any clue how low on the pallet i can go? like 0 0 0 is all black but can i get away with say 20 20 20?

This is still kicking my butt! I went through and made sure none of the pixels were black, loading the game over and over via process of elimination on the pallet until all of the offending pixels were the same color and then the whole lot of them went see through lol. I then went ahead and added 0 0 0 to the pallet and drew a big black chunk on the sprite and sure enough the solid black chunk loaded fine but the non black stuff is still see through. I’m wondering if the position of the color has anything to do with it but i feel like i’ve tried it all and no dice.

So after busting my head on this problem for a couple of days i found a sort of solution that let me keep my black colors. It seems to want to pick on a large group of the same color dark pixel so i ended up drawing a 1 pixel thick border of 0 0 0 all the way around the town and it ended getting singled out as the shady color and i changed anything close to 0 0 0 to like 5 5 5 and it worked pretty darn good. It gave it a nice like see through shaded border which helps it blend a little better.