[Solved] AutumnRampart problem

Hugh, I just encountered something ugly.

Any help so I can fix this appreciated, thanks in advance

bugs.vcmi.eu/my_view_page.php add bug report here

It’s not a bug. You have enabled two mods that want to change the same graphic files. If you want to play Autumn Rampart without this bug, you must disable “HotA balance mod” submod under Horn of the Abyss mod. As you know HotA fixes some SOD graphics file and brings changes in balance (in Conflux for example). So, two mods try to change the same graphics files in the same time Unfortunatelly, between these mods there’s conflicts and you must disable one of them.

The same conflicts will happen with many town modifications mods and hota balance submod - Sand Tower, Red/Snow Castle/Another Rampart.

Oh yeah that makes perfect sense, I disabled Hota mod altogether, the issue is gone, thanks mate :slight_smile:

crap now the game crashes whenever I hit begin, all of a sudden while it was working before

Need more information what you have done next that game crashes.

I have done nothing next. Now it works again. Just seems to me 0.99 is unstable??

Edit: could complete more games no further problems maybe issue was on my end no idea