Simple install

Hi, guys. Do you have some simple installation option for VCMI. Something like “Just unpack that archive and play”. So you don’t need to install original Heroes, than patch them with with WoG, and that unpack VCMI. That would be very useful to have such option don’t you think?

Currently impossible due to copyright.

It’s not like we make it complicated on purpose. the game needs all original multimedia content + WoG files to run.

So what about bundling all this content with vcmi?

I’m not very experienced in copyright issues. But can’t you use anything until you are earning money from this?

We cannot distribute whole game for free. It’s called piracy, that’s pretty obvious.

Also, we’re talking about 400 MB of data, while VCMI package is 5 MB.

A telepathic install would please me. You don’t have to own Heroes, don’t have to download VCMI, nor read boring forums. Just wake up in the morning, everything is on your computer and ready to play:)

I guess we could integrate the WoG data into our package. Then there would be at least one less step required.
But the WoG is about 40MB, it’ll be heavy both for people with slower internet connections and the server. And VCMI is released much more often than WoG.

We consider implementing this feature in the future. For now, however, it is priority to provide missing H3 features and fix bugs. Thank you for understanding. :stuck_out_tongue:

We do have a progress - two years ago installing vcmi on Linux was more like dark magic than actual install :slight_smile:

Considering that right now WoG can be installed from .zip archive - definitely not needed.

Ok, nobody likes this idea. And what about the same idea for building from source on Windows. I think it would be great idea to move all windows depedencies(SDL, boost, etc.) to some ./win32 subfolder in svn trunk so you could just checkout and build without need for step-by-step setup. This is also would be very useful when updating them to newer version - you just update without need to download multiple archives, copy files, build something from source and manually change some project settings.

Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not a very big deal to go through detailed “How to build VCMI (Windows)” manual, but there is no good reason for this setup sequence to exist at all. Everything should be as simple as possible :slight_smile:

Maybe write an installer script / binary that downloads wog, installs wog and the downloads and installs vcmi? Just install heros3 and then execute the “all in one vcmi wog installer”.

So what is currently used from the original game expect art? It’s possible to make vcmi playable without original game if we replace all gfx and sfx?

From what I know: yes.