Should I install WoG Revised with VCMI?

I’ve been trying to get to a stable and playable version of WoG for my wife and son. They love it and get various memory errors. It looks like some of the problems might be fixed by installing the WoG Revised module. Yay! :slight_smile:

But while browsing around, I came across VCMI, which looks really interesting. There are fewer mods that work (as I understand it) but my wife / son don’t care - they just play random maps anyway. So my question is, I know that VCMI is installed over ERA + WoG, but is WoG Revised also advisable? Or does it conflict with VCMI somehow?

I apologize if this is answered somewhere. I did look, just didn’t find.

Cheers! And thanks in advance!

What exactly is “WoG revised”? Isn’t it just a mod for ERA?

Either way, all you need already comes in ERA package. VCMI does not depend on WoG version and is separate application.

Thanks WarMonger. It sounds like I don’t need it.

WoG Revised is a mod that “removes or fixes all bugged scripts from WoG mod and replaces them with other options.” See … hp?t=14143. It seemed to make my WoG installation more stable, so I wondered if it would have the same effect on VCMI installed over WoG.

You mean random premade or random generated maps? Because, keep in mind, second ones can’t be generated by VCMI at the moment.