Server crashes, if hero enters in city with specific building

I pretty sure what it happens when you enter the city with specific building, or build something while hero is in city. I think that it is building that gives some improvements to hero. I’ve tried to enable/disable mods with no success.

vcmiserver: /build/vcmi-MILGa1/vcmi-0.99+git202103052100~ubuntu20.04.1/lib/mapObjects/CGTownInstance.cpp:1865: const string CGTownBuilding::getVisitingBonusGreeting() const: Assertion `!bonusGreeting.empty()’ failed.
Aborted (core dumped)
Error: server failed to close correctly or crashed!
Check /home/michael/.cache/vcmi/server_log.txt for more info
Lost connection to server, ending listening thread!

server_log.txt :
e[1;32mVCMI 0.99 GITDIR-NOTFOUND (server)
e[0me[1;32m Initialization: 9 ms
e[0me[1;32m Data loading: 20 ms
e[0me[1;32m Mod handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Mod filesystems: 27 ms
e[0me[1;32mBasic initialization: 58 ms
e[0me[1;32mInitialized logging system based on settings successfully.
e[0me[1;32m[log level] ai => not set
e[0me[1;32m[log level] animation => not set
e[0me[1;32m[log level] bonus => not set
e[0me[1;32m[log level] global => trace
e[0me[1;32m[log level] mod => not set
e[0me[1;32m[log level] network => not set
e[0me[1;32m Bonus type handler: 1 ms
e[0me[1;32m General text handler: 4 ms
e[0me[1;32m Hero handler: 1 ms
e[0me[1;32m Artifact handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Creature handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Town handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Object handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Object types information handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Spell handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Skill handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Terrain view pattern handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Template handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m Initializing handlers: 7 ms
e[0me[1;32m Initializing content handler: 0 ms
e[0me[1;32m [765a1076]Original game files
e[0me[1;32m [994e5d35]Axolotl Creatures Pack
e[0me[1;32m [c03e1da5]Centamonths
e[0me[1;32m [c8720a31]Evil trees
e[0me[1;32m [8e265236]Dragons
e[0me[1;32m [ac61bcf6]Ironclads
e[0me[1;32m [f8032319]Kappas
e[0me[1;32m [4176dd5b]sphinxes
e[0me[1;32m [cdc51ad2]Tortofroids
e[0me[1;32m [175397af]Yetis
e[0me[1;32m [9c219a3b]Dark elemental
e[0me[1;32m [fb43aea1]H4 artifacts - commanders
e[0me[1;32m [6f4e30ac]H4 artifacts - regular
e[0me[1;32m [a820137f]New Terrains (ERA II mod port)
e[0me[1;32m [ed8a7f5a]High-res Menu
e[0me[1;32m [69a39c09]New Old Spells
e[0me[1;32m [392127be]VCMI essential files
e[0me[1;32m [b611ce43]Creature bonus icons
e[0me[1;32m [c7957b5b]Default templates
e[0me[1;32m [c5c0dd2b]HD Mod RMGs
e[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;32m [ff98a13b]OH3 RMGs
e[0me[1;32m [12072856]Extra resolutions
e[0me[1;32m [57ca1cef]Witchking artifacts
e[0me[1;32m [cfe10cb3]In The Wake of Gods
e[0me[1;32m [022007a2]WoG russian translation
e[0me[1;32m [62fb46b3]WoG russian translation
e[0me[1;32m Parsing mod data: 162 ms
e[0me[1;33me[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Original game files
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Axolotl Creatures Pack
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Centamonths
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Evil trees
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Dragons
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Ironclads
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Kappas
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] sphinxes
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Tortofroids
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Yetis
e[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;31me[0me[1;32m [SKIP] H4 artifacts - commanders
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] H4 artifacts - regular
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] New Terrains (ERA II mod port)
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] High-res Menu
e[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;32m [SKIP] New Old Spells
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] VCMI essential files
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Creature bonus icons
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Default templates
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] HD Mod RMGs
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] OH3 RMGs
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Extra resolutions
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] Witchking artifacts
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] In The Wake of Gods
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] WoG russian translation
e[0me[1;32m [SKIP] WoG russian translation
e[0me[1;32m Loading mod data: 55 ms
e[0me[1;32m Resolving identifiers: 7 ms
e[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;33me[0me[1;32m Handlers post-load finalization: 5 ms
e[0me[1;32m All game content loaded in 229 ms
e[0me[1;32mPort 3030 will be used
e[0me[1;32mListening for connections at port 3030
e[0me[1;32mWe got a new connection! :slight_smile:
e[0me[1;32mEstablished connection with VCMI 0.99 GITDIR-NOTFOUND (client). UUID: 9ae76de2-c2ef-46a9-9e80-223896c862d5
e[0me[1;32mConnection with client 1 established. UUID: e832a359-24fe-4cff-ac11-2e62f644c90c
e[0me[1;32mClient 1 player: Player
e[0me[1;32msystem says: Player (pid cid 1) joins the game
e[0me[1;32mPreparing to start loaded game
e[0me[1;32mLoading from SAVES/AUTOSAVE_2
e[0me[1;32mLoading lib part of game…
e[0me[1;32m Reading header
e[0me[1;32m Reading options
e[0me[1;32m Reading handlers
e[0me[1;32m Reading gamestate
e[0me[1;32mSomething wrong during accepting: Operation canceled
e[0me[1;32mLoading server state
e[0me[1;32mGame has been successfully loaded!
e[0me[1;32mThread handling connections ended
e[0me[1;32mConnection 1 will handle 9 player: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 255

Does it happen for any town with permanent bonus or some specific town?

Btw you can just disable assertions check during compilation if you built vcmi yourself

I conjecture that It happens in any town with bonus for hero. At least it crashed then I was trying to build a tower with attack bonus for heroes, when a hero was in the varvars town.

That looks like some issue at your side as for me. I checked some more or less fresh build and it works. Valhalla Tower in Stronghold particularly. Try to remove all mods and install a fresh build of VCMI. Especially localization mods.

And one more question is it your own build? Release/Debug?

No, it is daily build from PPA

Ok, could you attach Wog russian translations mod here as a zip file? If it is more convenient for you to talk russian we can switch language.

I’m sure, that it is a default one, I haven’t got it from any custom source. And I am not fancy switching language because if we will speak Russian other folks shall not understand us.

Mods\WoG\Mods\WoG Rus\config\translate.json
Try to replace it with translate.json (4.3 KB)
Also you need to disable the second WoG Russian translation which is distributed as a separate mod.

This doesn’t help. I’ve replaced the file and disable mod, the game still crashes, but shows the image of the town before crash.
UPD - disabling another one helps, thanks!

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