Scorpion Queen creature

I’m new to all of this modding business, but I sadly know nothing about it at all.
I would definitely put in the time to figure it out if someone pointed me in the right direction.

Anyway though, I made this .def file of a scorpion girl. If anyone would be willing to pick it up, they could. I credit would be nice. I just don’t want this creature to go to waste.
Unedited Image

DEF File

Just download any creature mod (for example Axolotl Creature Pack) and browse it. Inside you can find Sprites folder where all neccesary graphics are placed and Sounds folder, where are placed all needed sounds. And Config folder, where are commands to make defs to work. Open in notepad or Wordpad or Notepad+ json files and try to figure out what command does. It’s not so difficult.

You made it in 3d?
Can you make also 2 upgrades for this unit?
You know, some helmet and/or hand armor on upgrades, for example.

Thanks! I never knew VCMI made it THIS easy to modify files.
It’s not even code anymore. You’re literally just typing what’s what in plane text.

I did! I already made a second upgrade! And I totally forgot that there’s a mod for three upgrades. So just for giggles, I went ahead and made up a third upgrade, but I also changed some aesthetics to better fit in the game. (The original model was “too big” and the human body was “too small”)

[Scorpion Troop]
No Upgrade: sprite render

[Scorpion Queen]
1st Upgrade: sprite render

[Scorpion Empress]
2nd Upgrade: sprite render

I’ve also been working on the castle that these will come from: render This is obviously in alpha with the lighting and textures.

Are you still working on this? I like what you are doing, if you need help with anything just let me know!