Runes system

HI Hello, is there anyone able to create a new mod that would add runes to this game? something like heroes 5. I thought how it would work but I can’t create it, I created a few simple mods. but this is too demanding for me. here are some possible pixels to make it from. If anyone can do it, as a new hero ability, 8 rune types and rune spells. I will be very happy. I have ideas. but maybe someone will come up with better options. these pixels are quite simple, it’s just an example. how could it be done.

1.8 types runes.

4 basic. air,fire,earth,water they increase the power of spells using a given spell faction.

  1. advanced. thunder,darkness,undead,special.

I think it’s a good idea.

basic runes system

advanced runes system

expert runes system
all have 1 - 5 levels
air runes:

fire runes:

earth runes:

water runes:

thunder runes:

undead runes:

darkness runes:

¨special runes:

all spell runes conbinate:

new spell runes book :slight_smile: