RMG says parameters aren't supported

Running latest 1.0.0 on Android. I tried to create a Random Map, but no matter what parameters I’d choose it responds with something along the lines of “can’t use chosen parameters”.

Install manually vcmi-extras. I hope we soon implement mods management in Android as well

How do I do that? I found the vcmi-extras github page but I don’t see instructions anywhere.

The same as all other mods. You need to download it from Mod list - VCMI Project Wiki unpack and put together with original data under Mods folder. Latest build should expect it under
/Android/data/is.xyz.vcmi/files/vcmi-data/Mods/vcmi-extras but this path might be slightly different depending on device model

As soon as you do this you should also be able to change resolution

You can also download mod zip archive directly from GitHub

Should I export the mods I want under “Mods”, or into the regular data folder of HOMM3? What about mod.json that every mod seems to have? I suppose I’m not supposed to overwrite them and that each one is important to its own mod.

Folder vcmi-extras should be placed in Mods directory (and Mods, where all mods stay, should be in main Heroes 3 folder)