Rev 923 (current) - Cannot start the game (segfault)

GDB output:

 Message handler: 20000                                                       
        CPreGame: main menu initialization: 110000                           
        CPreGame: newgame menu initialization: 110000                        
        CPreGame: loadgame menu initialization: 100000
[New Thread 0xb2a2cb70 (LWP 10527)]

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0xb2a2cb70 (LWP 10527)]
0xb7e3c04e in CMapHeader::loadViCLossConditions (this=0xa4a5800, bufor=0xb2a2be68 "\034", [email protected])
    at map.cpp:425
425             lossCondition.typeOfLossCon = (ElossCon)bufor*;

Diff in map.cpp

$ diff map.cpp map2.cpp --normal



I don’t see where it could crash. The change you showed was for another bug.
Does it crash with every map you tried ? 32 or 64 bit system ? Are you compile with -O0 -ggdb (the default from configure) ?

I cannot see the menu. It segfaulted after black screen appeared. I compiled with -g -march=i686 -O0

With -O2 works:)

Have I understood correctly, that turning optimizations on fixed the issue?
It would be weird, usually optimizers causes problems…

Yes< it is strange:(