Resourceful AI mod

I am a bit sick with people bashing VCMI AI, while it actually isn’t that bad at all.

So to remedy and give some good PR for 0.99 (which is a very nice and stable release) I’ve decided to make a small mod that would alter starting resources json config file to give AI all the resources it needs .

What this mod does is changing starting resources AI gets to give AI players almost unlimited resources and gold, thus AI can build every turn in the towns it owns and pose at least some threat to a human player. Note that on S sized maps this settings will make AI very hard or almost impossiblle to beat.  On most M, L, XL sized maps it should be fine to turn this mod on.

Mod is certainly a small one, but I think it is very needed one so that we can reduce number of complains about AI and give a simple answer to all those who complain: “Install resourceful AI mod from launcher” is way better and easier then telling people to alter the json config manually themselves :slight_smile:

As such I would like to request adding it in launcher so that people can have easy access to it, complain less and like Vcmi more :slight_smile:
Resourceful (1.54 KB)


Yeah, I use this “trick” for some time, and I’ve noticed that playing S and M size map are reasonably hard to win (more AI players, more harder to win). So, it’s semi-solution for now!

Yes, I will have to poke Tow again about fixing FTP server :unamused:

It is a good solution :slight_smile: . For larger maps AI would have to be better at developing main hero. AI also doesn’t know what secondary skills to take or that it should try to get that tome of earth magic that is on map . This could be offset a bit by giving AI other bonuses then resources, like extra experience or skills on level up, but right now there is no settings for such things in vcmi jsons.

BTW on XL maps with lots of castles AI with this bonuses might also be quite good due to extra gold. Human player will not have enough gold to buy every unit from every castle… AI however will .

I agree with you. Just want to say that with that mod, there’s no easy small maps to less experienced players :mrgreen:

I m wondering, is there any way to make the mod a part of the game at the harder skill level settings? That way someone learning the game can choose easy and have a relatively simple game, while someone wanting the challenge could choose the harder settings and have to compete with the limitless resources?

Yes the mod is just replacing normal startres.json file from config . Having it as mod is handy because you can turn it on/off depending on what you want to gain.

This is how the file looks in the mod (note that easy and normal settings already give a bit less to the AI)


Resourceful AI was updated to version v 1.1.

What is new ? Bonuses are smaller as to go better with NullkillerAI which does not need as much resources as VCMIAI used to.

There is a new option called :
AI speed up - limit on map heroes
This option limits heroes per player to 2. This way AI will play very fast turns (Nullkiller AI) as it will not do complicated pathfinding/goals or use hero-chains.

Mod requires using latest build from 27.04.2022. It will not work correctly with older builds. Works for both VCMIAI and NullkillerAI.
Resourceful AI (4.4 KB)

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New version :

Resourceful (5.1 KB)

Fixed some spelling errors and json formatting errors.

It is a pity that I did not read the forum, but was too fascinated by the game itself. This mod was created almost 5 years ago. And I manually changed the startres with each update. This is the mod that should be the default must-have in the mod list. A very useful thing.

Is there anyway that not to limit player’s heroes count? 2 Heroes for player is boring.

Just change values in defaultMods.json file and lines

It is not boring it is challenging :slight_smile: . With just two heroes and no chains I actually ended up loosing against AI, when it got more favorable things on map.

With two heroes AI has an advantage:
-it knows the whole map, while you do not and you can no longer explorer that fast.
-without chains human really has in most cases no movement /exploration bonus
-AI finally builds strong main hero.

Anyway if you like to be less limited the you can just edit my mod and change it to 4 heroes per player. It is a simple edit.

Bro, your mod 1.1 by default enable limit hero 2. It’s not very well. Even if I only want resources. Although the option is disabled in the list, the text settings work.