Resolutions other than 800x600 - the Dropbox link doesn't work anymore

I’m having an issue with game resolution, it still resets to default 800x600.
Then I found this on the wiki:

In case only 800x600 is available, close VCMI, download this [file] which contains the “bonusIcons” and “extraResolutions” repertories. Unzip, and place them in XXX (Windows), YYY (Android), ZZZ (Mac) or ~/.local/share/vcmi/Mods (Linux). Then start any scenario, open System Options dialog and voilà, other resolutions than 800x600 are availables.

But the problem is that the Dropbox link doesn’t work anymore, it only shows an empty page like the files were deleted.
May I ask how do I get them then?

Download vcmi essential files from here

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