Regarding project

i tried this WOG and the wierd part is that i cant see big diffrence except it has less stuff and more bugs, why not try too add new monsters and fort? i really dont understand the point of this project if you are just gonna make it like the original.

the original heroes 3 complete is fine, so why bother then?
i checked the diffrent thing you could change in setting like making rampart having another dragon instead except it didnt work and stuff, so keep up the not understanderable work and have fun.

Best regard: lonelywolf

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure if you read THIS thread, but VCMI is not another mod (= scripts applied on top of the original code). VCMI re-writes the game from scratch, in order to give endless possibilities to future modders, who are currently pretty limited by the fact that we don’t have access to the H3 source code. This is a good part of the reason why WoG made little to no progress in the past years. But with VCMI we will be able to say that “the sky is the limit”, meaning that we could easily end up with 12 different alignments on the same map, 500 creatures, maps larger than XL, game playable in high resolutions, plus many, many other possibilities.

As VCMI does not build “on top” (like a mod) but recreates from scratch, of course in the beginning there’ll be “less stuff” and more bugs. It’s an unavoidable phase of any such project, but it’ll pay off on the long run… :wink:

so when are you gonna add new monster and new stuff?
sorry too hear that you dont have the sorce code for heroes 3, have you tried talking too ubisoft? well so far the project looks good, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Adding new contents to the game (other than the WoG stuff) is not in the scope of the project, just the capability to easily achieve this through modding support. This is to be implemented after having a working clone of the game, so don’t expect it available soon.

Many people of the Heroes community have already tried contacting various people involved in the development of the series about the source code, but the way it looks it won’t be released even if some were positive to the idea.

oh okey, i see!
sorry too hear, well then you have too continue your work. keep up the work and one day, you can be proud of making heroes 3 even better then it is :slight_smile: