Red Castle issue?


I am new to the VCMI project as a player. I really like the possibilities and options with it and I will keep on playing and trying out new towns and mods for it. Speaking of that, I was really interested in using the RedCastle mod visual mod, but sadly it didn’t work at all. Any suggestions? I am using the latest VCMI build 0.99 and other mods like new towns work.

There’s two version of Red Castle mod. One of them (available at … ifications) changes Castle internal look. Second version (made by Lorenzo) introduces Red Castle as completely new town. Mod from mod wiki list has been tested many times and works. Lorenzo’s mod is not tested yet. Could you take a sceenshot of console warnings durring error? And remember - some mods are incompatible with each other. For example - Red Castle mod is not compatible with Snow Castle mod because these two mods changes the same graphic at once. Also HoTA’s submod called Hota Balance also changes some aspects of castle town view, so I advice disable it during playing Red mod.
And one think - in Red Castle mod only upgraded creatures are red. Non upgraded ones remain unchanged :slight_smile:

Ok, so I had the HOTA balance mod turned on, that was what was causing the problem.