Re: Server - what files are saved to the server, and more

I have been trying to figure out a couple of things, hope some of you pros here on this board can help me out!

1.) When I am playing VCMI project, are any of my own game save files or additional game files, etc. saved or uploaded to the servers or to other gamers? (Or is it more just a game save state sort of a thing, so that when I log in again, my game state, etc., is there.)

2.) What happens if VCMI ever goes offline, either temporarily, or, what if years from now VCMI may not be around - will we not be able to play VCMI at all? I would assume we can still play through TCP/IP.

As of now game over network is not properly supported - you can start it (I think) but save/load-ing is not implemented at the moment.

On 1) This will be determined once network game support is finished. Most likely - all game state data will be saved only on host (person who started the game).

On 2) Network games won’t depend on external server. So it would completely possible to start or resume game even if is down.

I think you’re asking about where savegames are stored. Currently two separate savegame files are created for client and server, simply by dumping their state. This may be questionable for future cheat-proof safety, but that’s another topic.
The advantage is that both savegames can be compared and detect desync.

Thanks to both, for your fast replies! I appreciate your input. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand it completely, does this mean none of my game data, saves, or other files are actually uploaded to the server? (The vcmi is only using files stored on my pc?)

I guess my misunderstanding lies within what warmonger mentioned, (Currently two separate savegame files are created for client and server, simply by dumping their state.)

Just double checking that my own Heroes files will remain intact, and that others can’t see them, etc.

I really appreciate your answers, I am huge fan of the game, and it’s always nice to see that others enjoy it as well!

Yes. You can completely disconnect from Internet (remove network cable, turn off wi-fi, etc) and you still will be able to play vcmi. This “server” that you can see is actually running on your own system and only when you’re playing the game. We don’t collect any information from players.

The only exception is multiplayer - in this case player who started the game may share some of his data with other players. But even then it would be limited to people he/she is playing with.