Random map generator


RMG can create whatever you want, but there is no interface to choose diferent size.

Obstacles are completely random. You missed this thread: [forum.vcmi.eu/t/placing-graphically-appealing-objects-on-adventure-map/846/1)


Warmonger, You could draw a template analogue Jebus? ))
(or anyone)


Povelitiel, could you ever ask at least one question relevant to topic?

The desert of course is Jebus, I even mentioned in on this page.


Moar off-topic:
I see corrupted image of Rampart on that desert screenshot. Is that just a jpeg compression artifact or bug in VCMI?

Apart from that - great work. Random map finally looks like a proper map!


Looks like another manifestation of transparent black pixels. Especially viisble with new Necropolis.


Fun fact: 1/3 of all map generation time is TerrainViewPattern constructor, which does nothing. Looking into it.


Sounds like my job. :wink:


The constructor shouldn’t consume so much time. Terrain view pattern objects should be initialized by VCMI startup. So perhaps those objects will be copied accidentally. Placing terrain can take 1/3 time of whole map generation process. Perhaps it’s possible to delay generating terrain view images and update whole terrain once. BTW is performance a serious problem? If it’s a problem then you may provide me a few profiler infos from Visual Studio. (like you did last time with logging API issues)


Beegee, please take a look at this issue: bugs.vcmi.eu/view.php?id=1859

In the meantime… K.O.


Pandoras everywhere! :stuck_out_tongue:


What if I told you you can now generate WoG maps?

[In fact I use this thread to dump screenshots since my Photobucked bandwith was exhausted :P]


Does one player (human+AI) mean one town (no neutral towns?)? Does one town mean one region?

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems there are too many Dragon Utopias, Pandora’s Boxes and Prisons and too few external dwellings, resources in comparison to human-made nice maps. Seer’s Hut would be more involved, I’m guessing.

Still, great work so far! I really really wish to donate you guys, sigh.


Torrasque, when was the last time you played Jebus? Or any random map? Clearly they are nowhere near human-made maps and were never supposed to be.


Wow, I take it back.

Did you just say “there are no external dwellings or resources in human-made maps and were never supposed to be.”?
Are you sure you understand my question?

As for dragon utopias & pandora’s boxes, yes, they usually exist in random maps generated by SoD too (I only play XL, maybe you won’t get them in smaller maps). Not as many as your RMG generates though.
When was the last time you played a random map?

Don’t know anything about Jebus.


I show the screenshots from the most popular template ever so players can compare it with original. if you somehow don’t know Jebus, better go and download it right now.


Thanks, they do look nice.
But my points stand:
]The official RMG does generate Pandora’s Box, Dragon Utopia, Prison, whatever. I played hundreds of times. What you’re essentially saying that some web-community has a convention of not using Dragon Utopia etc. in their maps./:m]
] Every player should at least have ore and wood, and other resources should be on the map somewhere./:m]
] And yes, in official Heroes 3 maps as well as the official RMG maps, there are external dwellings./:m]
] # of players (AI + human) appears to be the same as # of zones./:m]
] Can’t see any neutral towns. Again, yes, they usually exist in official Heroes 3 maps as well as the official RMG maps. Don’t know about your community maps./:m][/ul]


We can’t read original templates yet, they all needed to be written for scratch. At the moment there are only 4 templates available for testing.

Still, for same template our RMG should give same results in terms of treasures, monsters strength and of course towns. We used this info for treasure value and rarity, so they should match original game.

And indeed there are external dwellings on all the screenshots as well as neutral towns, not sure what you mean here.


Contrary to Sav’s list, freelancer Guild does not seem to appear on random maps. In fact it turned out to be very spammy with these settings, so I set limit per zone to 1.


It may be useful

forum.heroesworld.ru/showpost.ph … ostcount=8
forum.heroesworld.ru/showpost.ph … ostcount=9

and over heroesworld.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=6313


Isn’t it so then there are too many WOG creatures on these last screens?
They seem to be placed too often compared with classic creatures