Random map generator


Thanks for your reply,

I don’t have a defaultTemplate submod or subfolder :confused: Is it available somewhere so I can grab it?


Yes, it’s in 0.99 package (Windows at least).


Could anyone confirm it’s also in the linux package? Because I don’t have it, the find command does not return any entries.

Or if anyone could just upload it separately?


Just download and unzip windows version and all wanted files you’ll find under Mods directory.


Haha yeah indeed thanks


Hello. I have thought about rmg.
In SoD generation map without water we have on map artifacts as “boots of levitations”, “captain hat”, necklace dolphin (forgot the name), scroll and spell “encourage ship”, “sink the ship”. Please disable it on map without water.

why should we repeat the mistakes of the original developers? When playing PvP that matters and makes a significant imbalance in the game. A single players do not even notice.

It is important. For online games.


You cannot enter there. Generator treats tavern enter title as passable while in fact it isn’t (You do not enter tavern when visiting it)

In very rare case this could probably block something important.

Cosmetic but IMHO RMG should not place buildings so close to borders. It looks strange. Same with Sorceress without head :slight_smile: Alternative solution would be to draw the missing parts of buildings over the border.


I know. There is an issue in engine design - RMG doesn’t know the object blocks visit before it’s created and this info is hardcoded.

But still, we have Mantis for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a FYI, the corpse object has the same effect.


For quite some time I’ve been thinking about parallel RMG implementation. Most of it is quite straightforward - generate each zone in separate thread. However there’s one issue - different order of threads using same RMG seed(s) would result in different outcome, or at least different object index / order.

Now, is it even important to ensure same map from same seed? After commit github.com/vcmi/vcmi/pull/307#i … -306054222 we probably don’t need to generate same map twice, ever. Can just copy the whole map between server and client.