Random Map generating - how?

Hello, trying out latest VCMI with h3 complete,

Starting the game - chosing new game - single scenario

trying to generate a random map, regardless wich settings i chose (*) ->

i get following message:
“could not create random map that fits current choices”

(*) it seems its only working when i chose “random” for the number of "humans OR computer player"
but i want to set the number of ai/total players manually.

the game crashes when i set the “human OR computer players” to random and “computer only players” to a dedicated value

a little bug in the launcher: disabling a mod e.g wog doesnt auto-disable its submods in the launcher display.

There are only few templates for specific number of players and map sizes at the moment. Check file config\rmg.json for more info.

Other that that, report any issues on bugtracker.

I propose to create new thread, where users can place their RMG templates.
So we’ll have collection on RMG templates for all sizes and numbers of players sometime,
that will only be needed to insert into rmg.json by Copy-Paste

Dude, we have mod system for that -.-

Besides, you can of course create such thread, but I didn’t see anyone interested in making new templates so far.

Not sure how RMG loader works right now but we also have nice method JsonUtils::assembleFromFiles(std::string) that can be used to load same file across all mods.

So it is possible to load rmg.json from all mods that add new templates (unlike H3 rmg.txt).

That’s what I hope for. Just put each template in a separate submod and toggle them at via Launcher.

Hi guys,
I don’t know if it helps anyone or not but I don’t think it is such a big deal. You just need some time to create a random map which fits your expectations. As far as I know, the only attribute which can’t be changed is the number of computer or human players. If you choose the map size, the monster strength and the water content as well as your town and your starter hero you want, you just need to start the game and hope that there are exactly as many computer players as you hoped for (which you can check at the end of your first turn - let’s see how many flags show up before the next turn). And I am really thankful since you can set the “human or computer teams” to zero as well. So, after generating 3-4 random maps, I am sure you are going to run into one which fits your expectations. Of course this is not the best solution, but I wouldn’t say you CAN’T generate random maps without having the possibility to set the exact number of human or computer players. And after having successfully generated a map you like, you need some time (a day or two, or even more) until you win (or lose) and so you don’t need to repeat this procedure very often.

Sorry for necrobumping, but is there a bug issue about it? Can’t find it anywhere.

Now VCMI has lost of RNG templates, that partially fixed issues mentioned above.
Download VCMI essential files https://wiki.vcmi.eu/Mod_list#Utilities and enable all templates in launcher.
Random map generator still can’t generate maps with water so expect crash during generate such maps.
And VCMI RNG should be heavily tested, so please report bugs at bugtracker https://bugs.vcmi.eu/my_view_page.php