Random map allies?

I want to create a random map with two computers being in the same team, and two humans in the same team too* (thus 2 teams)*. But I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Besides mystic options inherited from the original Heroes3, I sometimes triggering a weird message «Couldn’t create map with chosen options» (probably not exact wording, I’m playing a localized version) — have no even idea what could that mean, wouldn’t it just block the wrong buttons to not allow the creation?

Either way, how to create such a map?

This should be possible with either Analogy (M/M+U) or Jebus (XL/XL+U) and Coldshadw’s Fantasy (XL+U).

If it’s not, submit a bug report.

Okay, thank you, then, to find whether it works, I need to find what options fits that configuration — Heroes3 random map options were always mystic to me.

The first thing I tried this gog.com/forum/heroes_of_migh … erator_map Quoting:

In the original heroes it indeed worked, this was the way we set it when played Horn of Abyss. However here I just couldn’t choose such combination: after I set the first two, the third one (COMPUTER ONLY PLAYERS) blocks «2» button, allowing to press only either of «0», «1», and «random»; also the number of player flag pictures is just 2, while in the HoA it was 4.

Another way I see is following a pure logic:

It says «Could not create a random map that fits current choises».

And what are by the way Analogy and Oraz Jebus? Is it template names? Anyway, for tests I did here I choose M+U.

It’s not “by the way”, it’s the basic topic we are discussing here. VCMI has only a handful of templates which have certain limits.

Everthing else belongs to bug report.

Okay, so how do I use these templates? AFAIK there’s no way to choose them explicitly, so if I tried M+U random map, and it didn’t work, do I have to report a bug now?