Question regarding the completeness of VCMI

Wanted to ask if all the original Heroes 3 functions work, I am not interested in anything WoG, just asking if content up to H3SOD1.4 works? While its nice to see lists of things that do work out there, a list with what doesn’t, if anything, would be more useful.

We don’t have list like that (would be nice to have it though)
What we do have is

  1. Item implementation status: … pLe4raNAWA
  2. reports on bugtracker (use filters to hide resolved reports)

Overall I think that H3:SoD mechanics is pretty much complete.
Missing elements that I can remember right now:

  • AI capable of defeating an average player
  • Network game
  • Campaigns
  • Random maps

Do you mean AI is worse than it was in original H3 ?

AI is incomplete in first place. Game mechanics are quite complex and it may take a lot of time before AI can handle them all. Especially when it comes to battles - it seems that only abilities bttle AI understands is flying and shooting.

How soon should we expect AI to be on par with original games? Even a very rough estimate is better than nothing on this.

You should NOT expect good AI anytime soon. It’s a low-priority feature and may take years. Still, how could one tell whether AI is on par with original or not? How good could be half of AI be?

This is not hard to check, comparing results in top maps. The true challenge may come from the fact that you guys correct the flaws, thus make those maps unwinnable. Again, needs test, let’s say on some chinese maps I played recently :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m working only on adeventure AI now. Battle AI is pretty much non-existant, so you may wait for a challenge quite for a while.
Still, it doesn’t need to be better to make these maps impossible. If AI just rushes all the flyers out of the castle or spams dispell all around, you may have no chance despite it being quite stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Writting good AI is a separate subject unrelated to rest of the game and it’s relatively easy, so we’d like to find more programmers to help.