Question regarding Multiplayer Options

Hi I apologize if this comes up frequently but I attempted to find the information without success.

I have seen mention of an online mode which requires multiple computers, as well as a hotseat mode.

I was curious if there was also a “play by mail” variation to the hotseat mode? Where I could take a turn and then when my friend was available he could take his own turn maybe an hour later? If this does exist is it available for Android as well?

P.S. This is a fantastic project. My childhood friend and I spent many hours on Heroes of Might and Magic 2 when we were kids. We’re excited to give this a go if we’re able to!

at the moment only a vanilla hot-seat mode is supported. We have no immediate plans of supporting PBM. However, if someone wanted to implement this, we are open for contributions.

PBM option would make this project the only HoMM ever created supporting this multiplayer mode. It would make it very much easier to arrange large map games with more than 2 players. It would let us be always in our favourite game, discuss our on-going game in other times. I hope it will be implemented someday. It is a great idea.


I am new to the forum and the game, but it looks awesome and I love the idea!

I am a big fan of playing Heroes through multiplayer games, but nowadays its hard to gather around a hotseat game. Are there any ways as of now of playing this game online somehow? If not, have there been any plans for doing so?
I think having a way of playing online would attract a lot of players. The Heroes 3 HD edition Ubisoft made has had a lot of players buying it purely for because of the ease of playing multiplayer games online.

Edit: Just read the Wiki and TODO list. So sorry about the question. But, have anyone started working on this, or will this be an ‘in the distant future’ upgrade? =)


You can host multiplayer game or join to hosted game.

Really?! :open_mouth:

Yes, I’ve just checked it and it works.

If I understand correctly, you like to play online, it can be easy to make agreements with other here But playing in the “ordinary” heroes. However, it is Russian Forum.

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