Question asked over and over again

What features/polishes is VCMI still missing to be released?

Could such a list be compiled ad presented somewhere visibly? And kept up to date? If it is not too much to ask.

It will be of great help.

You could always check the wiki…you know, where the list is.

I guess you mean the TODO List. While that gives some information, it is hard for someone outside of the project to figure out in what state VCMI is and I bet is neither complete or up to date. (rmg is not even mentioned there)

IMO you are missing a simple and more friendlier list, with things not yet present/finished in VCMI. I am following the project for some years now and to me it always seems to be 3-6 months away from release.

It will do a ton for PR.

But there is nothing like “release”. VCMI is open-ended, feature are added whenever someone wants to make them. Sometimes features are delayed for months, sometimes they are added few days before next version.

We all know that proper multiplayer support is missing. Nobody cares about loading bar or hall of fame, though.

I usually play different maps VCMI in skirmish so for me biggest issues currently are:
[ul]]Fly and water walking bonuses aren’t supported in pathfinder. Fly was mess in H3 and to have proper implementation in VCMI it’s require to rework related code so It’s what I work on now./:m]
]Multiplayer save loading screen not implemented. It’s basically main issue because if loading was there bugs that still occur wouldn’t be as big problem./:m]
]Network multiplayer have several issues. E.g I think there some issue with AI attempt to load on client that isn’t handle server. Otherwise it’s pretty much stable./:m]
]Bunch of adventure map objects not fully working, bugged. This can be fixed with hacks of course, but best proper way would be map object refactoring./:m][/ul]
There also tons of small bugs to find and fix, but most are not game breaking. For now I keep my personal findings on on Trello.

Ah, totally forgot that another thing missing should be thieves guilds mechanics.