Question about graphics and game flow

Hello everyone!

I have VCMI on maximum resolution possible (1366x768) and for some reason the images in the game look blurry compared to HOTA:

(It doesn’t let me to post 2 images but you can clearly see the difference)
Now If I am doing something wrong and this can be fixed then I would appreciate some help.
If its the best resolution possible for VCMI at the moment then is it the lack of HD extension or just the quality of the images?

Another thing I have noticed is the difference in the game flow - seems like HOTA is running smoother and I wonder if again, I am doing something wrong…

Thanks in advance.

Techncially vcmi is completelly diffirent game than h3/hota. It is source code written from scratch that simulate h3 mechanics and uses h3 sprites. That’s why you observe diffirences between those two games. VCMI developers wrote their own engine - it uses diffirent graphics protocols than h3.

Yeah, I have read that it uses its own engine, but is there a way to make image quality as good as HOTA with the new engine? same with the game flow?