Quantity of neutral units and objects security

First of all, thanks a lot for all developers of this project! It’s amazing work!
How i can change quantity of neutral units in the description from text to numbers, like in original hota? I can’t find it in the any json file. May be i can find it in any txt in the H3bitmap.lod? But now i cant open it on my macbook air m1. If this description can change only developers, did you plan it in nearest updates?
And now there is no way to know size of guards in the objects (nagabank, conservatory, etc) before the battle. In the original hota it shows after the visiting it

It’s impossible without additional coding. All you can change is in translate.json, but they are plain names, without variables showing numbers of monsters. The same for banks.

Few, several, many can be translated to numeric ranges like 1-2, 30-50. But not exact numbers.

Ofc, i mean ranges, not exact numbers. But I tried to find where i can translate text to ranges and can’t find it. All I have in translate.json on the screenshot

So, I get help in the Russian thread. I’ve download arraytxt.txt (from this post Форум HeroesWorld-а - Показать сообщение отдельно - Полезная инфа:Программное Обеспечение HoMM3) and put it in ~/Library/Application Support/VCMI/ folder. And now I see text and ranges