Project name


I have to admit, since I joined the testing for this project, I was always a bit curious to know what does VCMI actually stand for. And in case it’s in Polish, what does that mean? :slight_smile:

Seriously I don’t know it either, this is just how project’s PR work :->

For sure nothing in polish as we don’t have “V” letter.

Hehe. Really? :slight_smile:

yes, and we have ę,ą,ż,ź,ć,ś,ch,sz,cz,dż

[size=92]Actually I think of all your letters, the most interesting is Ł - together with ę & ą that I just found out about now, it must be among the signs which cannot be found in any other language than Polish. :slight_smile:

…and btw, this thread is pretty much going off-topic unfortunately. :stuck_out_tongue: Or is the answer an intentionally well kept secret? :stuck_out_tongue: [/size]

Meaning of “VCMI” hasn’t been revealed anywhere.
Frankly speaking we haven’t decided yet for what it’s **exactly **standing. But - shh! - it’s a secret :wink:

Yes. We are using ‘W’ instead of it (for [v] ). And we use ‘Ł’ for the phoneme that is usually in English under ‘W’ ( [w] ).

Actually Lithuanian uses ‘ę’ and ‘ą’ letters. :slight_smile: