Problems with the hidden slots

In the normal Wog i experimented (and it worked) with the bad1 etc… slots
now if I try to start VCMI it says missing file (even if it is in the lod)
here is the error

This is only the final part of the log ,the heart of it.
Tried already all if someone know how to avoid this problem i would be very grateful

What slots do you mean? What exactly did you do?

creature slots between AB elementals which is reserved to keep structure of numbers by upgraded and not creatures.

these slot could be used on pre-wog monster mods, and the original exe accept it but it needs files with strange names (ie. def files for these slots look like BAD1, BAD2, BAD3 … - notice no def extension)
let search more on forum - there’s several topics on it

EDIT: well is it DW for dwelling? if so the workaround is needed for these slots (it is in regular town monster range but have no dwelling intown)

Then VCMI shouldn’t even be supposed (at least for now) to support this undocumented side effect. We will have other mechanisms for adding new creatures.

I know before it wasn’t giving me this error. :frowning:
And yes DW stands for Dwelling, normally the one in the map.

Last time I checked, VCMI was supposed to work with Wog 3.58f and no other. You shouldn’t modify the data files.

Still, probably lod handling could be improved… but is it worth it?

Whohoo i solved it but now…
it says this

Eventually it isn’t in the lod in the new and old, :open_mouth:
Ok it needs to be worked around but what is this file?
Tried with using a random DEF but it didn’t work.

What is this “AVMWRGN0.DEF” it seems it is searching for some beta files
but it seems to function my new way of modyfing it

And at last the last crash unrelated to the others

Here is the VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.dmp

Maybe you just explain what you’re doing?

he just try to use modded wog/sod resources which work in wog/sod properly but don’t work for VCMI and it isn’t fault of any scripts.

probably VCMI code assumes these four creatures must have dwelling as most of those in range. I suggest to modify code to not try initialise dwelling if the dwelling def is not found but produce the warning. the ghost creature from wog have no dwelling so i think this is hardcoded in VCMI. then i think it should free the creature count limit (to be based on creature-dependent text files) then Neraeus can happily test new monsters ingame.

majaczek, even if we should fix something in VCMI, we’d like to reproduce these errors on our machines to see exactly what causes the problem.

well Dragon, ask neareus for wog archive which provides those additional data resources
i don’t have any except i seen somewhere a pre-wog mod which applies the-weird-four, i suspect neareus could at least provide loose files to insert into lod archive and a test map.

i think neareus should create crashdump also to make it clearer to developers

I think that’s approximately what Warmonger asked for just before Neraeus stopped writing here.

Crashdumps are least convenient for developers. Primarily because they must be matched with symbols created during compilation. The same compilation that produced the binaries, identical source files are not enough.