Problem with VCMI on Android and IOS

Hi I have a weird problem with vcmi on Android. I have downloaded last daily build, add files to the folder and downloaded vcmi extras. The problem is that after 4 turns I have some server waring for example: Server Problem not enough gold to buy a hero (or something like this ) and in the next turn my games completly freeze. Can’t do anything and when I am trying to minimalize game and come back then screen is black.

On IOS I don’t have problems with freezing but game crashes after trying to unlock character from jail on the map.

Any advice? Maybe I shouldn’t use VCMI extras but then I can’t generate random map.

  1. which VCMI version are you using?
  2. have you installed Extras on iOS through the Launcher?
  3. do you have other mods?

please also attach game logs, without them it’s quite hard to figure something out.