Problem with vcmi and wog

hi , i have installed vcmi and wog through downloader.
when i start game it is in russian language…
i try to uninstall wog and is not possible…error message “This mod can not be disabled because it is required to run following mods: wog.wog rus”

any ideas?

Disable just wog russian translation, which is submod for WoG.

Still, I guess russian translation should not be enabled by deafult.

Yes, this is why wog rus mod.json has this line in it:

"keepDisabled" : true,

So I guess something is broken in our code…

koradris, have you installed wog by downloading it via Launcher? Have you done any manual changes afterwards like disabling/enabling WoG manually?

I have downloaded wog with downloader…
i’ve never donwloaded russian translation…
i can modify the config file?

I’ll ask here so I don’t have to make another thread.

I installed wog on my vcmi android and deleted folder wog rus. Menu works fine in english but the game crashes when loading. Any suggestions? I can play shadow of death just fine.

phone is xiaomi mi3

How did you get folder “wog rus” in first place?

Simply by right click ;p

also how can I add mods to my vcmi?

That’s just what I’m asking about, where did you get WoG mod? Either way, you are not supposed to delete parts of mod manually.

99% it was acid cave.

(teraz spostrzegłem, że jesteś z warszawy :wink: )

Ano. Niewielu zostało tu polaków, niestety.

Since 0.96 (or earlier) you are only supposed to use WoG package which is distributed via our Launcher. The Launcher is not available on Adroid yet, though.

Deleting submods should be safe. Just like deleting normal mods. I think source of this WoG Rus bug is due to installation without use of launcher - client ignores that “keepDisabled” field and enables all new mods, even locale-specific.

During loading save? Saves made with different set of mods may not work.

Othervice - can you upload logs? Check for files named VCMI_Client_log.txt and VCMI_Server_log.txt.

Hi, I have the same problem, I installed VCMI 0.96 to vanilla Complete installation and installed WOG through the VCMI launcher. I DID NOT install the separate russian translation, nevertheless the game is in Russian now.
How do I disable it manually? I cannot disable mod I did not install.

Disable russian tranlsation submod for WoG.